Monday, February 28, 2011

Phenomenology of Spirit, Preface, paragraph 5

The true shape in which truth exists can only be the scientific system of truth. To cooperate in bringing philosophy closer to the form of science – that goal wherein philosophy can lay aside its name of “love of knowledge” to be actual knowledge – that is what I have set before me. The inner necessity that knowledge [Wissen] should be science [Wissenschaft] lies in its nature, and the only satisfactory explanation of this is the exposition of philosophy itself. The outer necessity, however, so far as this is apprehended in a universal way, and apart from the contingency of the personal element and individual causes, is the same as the inner, namely, the form in which the times understand the aspects of existence. To show that now is the time to raise philosophy to science would, therefore, be the only true justification of the attempts which have this goal, in that they would be demonstrating the necessity of this, nay more, at the same time they would be carrying it out.

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