Monday, March 14, 2011

Phenomenology of Spirit, Preface, paragraph 38

Now, because that system of the experience of spirit embraces merely its appearing, it may well seem that the advance from that to the science of the true, in the shape of truth, is merely negative; and we might wish to be spared the negative process as something false, and might ask to be taken straight to the truth at once: why meddle with what is false at all? Along these lines, it was brought up above that we ought to begin straightway with science; to this we must here respond in terms of the aspect of what business at all science has with the negative as something false. The usual ideas about this especially hinder the entry to the truth. This will give us an opportunity to speak about mathematical cognition, which unphilosophical knowledge looks upon as the ideal which philosophy ought to try to attain, but so far has striven in vain to do so.

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